What’s it like to be a Governor at our school?

“It’s amazing to be part of such a special school and to be that friendly critic driving them to go even further” 

“‘As someone whose child was treated for cancer over a prolonged period at the Children’s Hospital, the opportunity to in some way ‘give back’ has been fantastic. As a teacher I feel I can both empathise and support the Head and his amazing team. I’m constantly in awe of my fellow governors and the wealth of experience they bring to the role and the professionalism with which they approach it.  I have found the process both fascinating and challenging in equal measure. I have also developed skills that I have been able to take back into my professional life. A truly rewarding experience and one I would highly recommend.”

“It’s really rewarding to be part of such a special school and, as a governor, you can really make a difference in helping it be the best it can be – the pupils deserve nothing less”

Chair : Andrew Rattue, contact

Vice Chair & SEND Governor: Tom Aubrey-Fletcher

Safeguarding Governor: Andrew Williams

Other Governors:    Mary Pegler, Anwar Zaidi, Robert Moore, Michael Goode, Phil Robson, Joseph Wood, Mollie Tustian, Steve Lowe

Governing Body – Full details including Declarations of Interest

Instrument of Government