Where We Teach

Where we teach

Oxfordshire Hospital School (OHS) is an Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) maintained Hospital  School based across a number of settings throughout the county of Oxfordshire. The school serves children & young people aged 4-19 who are unable to attend their home school due to a wide range of medical and mental health needs. Students may access education through the hospital school for varied periods of time. OHS is the main OCC provision for meeting the requirements of ‘Ensuring a good education for children who cannot attend schools because of health needs’ (DFE May 2013). 


The OHS:

  • offers a quality educational provision and support to pupils with long term or recurrent illnesses, mental health issues aged between 5 and 18 years who are in statutory full-time education
  • enables pupils to access as much education as their medical and/or mental health condition allows
  • maintains the momentum of their education and provide continuity of education for all pupils
  • provides home tuition for pupils who are unable to attend school due to a medical condition and ensure that they receive  the appropriate education their condition allows
  • supports pupils to reintegrate to school as soon as practically possible and track pupils on discharge to ensure successful outcomes
  • works in partnership with parents, medical and educational professionals, outside agencies and stakeholders, to minimise interruption and disruption to the education of pupils
  • promotes high quality outcomes and raise aspirations for all pupils


Inpatient Hospital Provision- Regional and National pupils
Highfield (HAU)

  • Tier 4 tertiary referral inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit with 18 beds plus 2 high dependency beds (Age range: 11-18) which accepts referrals from Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties made by outpatient psychiatrists as well as 24 hour emergency referrals from all over England.  Highfield serves young people with a range of mental health issues including: psychosis, eating disorders, severe depression, bi-polar disorder, OCD.


Children’s Hospital Teaching Service (CHTS)

  • The Children’s Hospital teaching service provides teaching at 3 sites: The Children’s Hospital (an 84 bedded acute hospital), Helen House Hospice (an 8 bedded hospice providing respite and end of life care for children with life limiting & life shortening conditions) and the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre (an outpatient unit supporting the management of chronic pain, and children undergoing intensive neuro-rehabilitation). There are a number of paediatric medical and surgical specialties represented, including: childhood cancer, neurology, rheumatology, respiratory, cranio-facial, plastics, chronic pain, gastroenterology and nutrition, haematology, immunology and orthopaedics. The hospital also has paediatric high dependency and intensive care facilities. The CHTS teaches across 10 wards with each ward largely having an individual specialty focus.


Community Provision- Oxfordshire resident pupils only
Outreach Teaching Service (OTS)

  • The Outreach teaching service provides teaching for children and young people across Oxfordshire.These students have been signed off by a medical professional as unable to attend school because of their current health needs. The OTS works with students with mental and or medical health needs. Referrals to Outreach are ongoing throughout the year.

Our Partners

Our positive relationships with a wide range of local, regional, national and international partners e.g. community, education, health, world of work, services, etc. have a significant impact on the on-going improvement of our provision, and drive our continuous improvement .  Whilst actively participating in many partnerships, the OHS sits on the following committees: National Association of Hospital and Home Teaching (NAHHT); National Committee for PRUs and Alternative Provision (PRUsAp); PiXL; the Headington Partnership; National Association of Hospital School Leaders (NAHSL); NAHSL – School Business Managers Forum.; Oxfordshire Secondary School  Head Teachers Association (OSHHTA); Oxford City Learning Group (OCL); Community Albums; Forest School at Hill End; OTSA.  These provide linkages for moderation, scrutiny, and forward planning.  The OHS is successful because of its outward looking ethos.