Outreach Teaching

Outreach Teaching

The Oxfordshire Hospital School outreach programmes are carefully designed to ensure pupils remain an integral part of their enrolled school. Our team of teachers and higher level teaching assistants work in collaboration with young people, their families, education, health and social care professionals to create focused, personalised learning programmes.

For further information on charges associated with Outreach Support, please see our Outreach Teaching Charging Policy on the policies page and the Admissions Policy also linked below.


Who do we support?

Our Outreach Service is for children and young people resident in Oxfordshire who are not able to access their usual school provision because of a range of medical needs, including mental health.

How do we support each young person?

The Oxfordshire Hospital School offers a comprehensive package of ‘wrap round’ care for all young people. Each bespoke pathway is informed within a multi-disciplinary context, with each young person’s wellbeing remaining at the centre of decision making.


Each personalised package includes an overarching offer of:

PSHE, encompassing health, relationships and sex education – delivered through 1:1 subject specific teaching and/or embedded in pastoral support and cross curricular teaching.

Careers  & Next Steps, offering enhanced support for pupils with next steps

Safeguarding Supervision

Pastoral & Reintegration support

Alongside the overarching offer, each young person has a unique curriculum offer which is crafted to match their individual needs and is drawn from a combination of core and additional pathways. Each curriculum pathway remains under dynamic review and has the capacity to flex to meet changing needs.


Core Pathways

Enrolled School Linked:

For pupils able to engage immediately in an academic pathway, focusing on core subjects and linked to the enrolled school curriculum. It’s aim is to support re-integration and to mitigate any barriers to achievement arising from absences.

Engagement for Learning:

A bespoke pathway (with a 6 week review point) for pupils who may have missed a significant period of education and/or are highly likely to need a period of support with re-engagement with learning due to a range of factors. This pathway offers opportunities for pupils to achieve AQA Unit Awards and engage in core subjects through personal hobbies and interests and aims to re-build confidence and motivation to learn. 


Additional Pathways

Functional Skills Awards:

For KS4  pupils who are able to access academic learning and would benefit from a qualification in key skills e.g. for confidence & self-esteem or for access to a college course.


A personal development pathway focusing on the 5 key employability skills of leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication. The pathway has  a 6 week review point and is well matched for pupils who would benefit from the opportunity to develop key personal , and employability, skills through individual & group activities.

Arts & Arts Awards:

A creative programme offering pupils the chance to achieve through AQA Unit Awards or Explore, Discover & Bronze Arts Awards. This pathway is well matched for pupils who would benefit from a creative approach to learning and aims to develop subject specific and transferrable skills.

Post GCSE/Exams:

A bespoke 1:1 pathway for pupils who would benefit from a short period of post exams support e.g. for transition support or confidence building.

Robot Pathway:

An innovative pathway using AV1 & Double 2 robots to enable pupils to remotely access their enrolled school for academic and social interactions.


In addition, the Oxfordshire Hospital School offers the following support to schools:

Assessment Phase

This programme is brokered at referral stage and serves to provide a robust next steps planning report to enrolled schools for more complex cases. The report records views from clinical, care and education teams, and offers opportunity for family and pupil view. Please note we do not offer a medical assessment but aim to draw together the views of professionals, including clinicians, that are already involved with the young person in order form a view on the best way forward to support their education.

Professional Pathway & OHS CPD for Oxfordshire Schools

This pathway offers in school professional support and advice around Individual Healthcare Plans and reasonable adjustments home schools can make in order to accommodate students with medical needs. Additionally, opportunities for shared CPD across Oxfordshire Schools are made available through Schools News. There is no pupil facing work delivered through this pathway.


Where can we support pupils?

We work in:

  • Pupils’ homes
  • Cafés
  • Libraries
  • Home schools
  • Hill End Outdoor Education Centre
  • Other partner agencies e.g. Synolos

How do we support reintegration?

We work closely with enrolled schools, young people and their families to create bespoke reintegration plans that follow medical advice and meet the needs of each individual pupil.

We may start working in the enrolled school from the start or we may begin in the home or community before progressing to 1:1 teaching in school then supporting the young person in their regular classes.

Typical steps in reintegration plans:

  • Getting to know one member of staff in the pupil’s home
  • Receiving 1:1 teaching in the home or online
  • Joining a paired or small group session either online or at the Hill End Outdoor Education Centre
  • Receiving teaching in a community setting e.g. cafe or library or in a room at school during a quiet time of the day
  • Joining a small class at school with support
  • Returning to school on a reduced timetable

The aim is always to return the pupil to their enrolled school but we recognise this can take some time and is different for each young person.