Free Training for Oxfordshire Schools

We are pleased to announce the next dates in our medical needs training programme:


1. Training Webinar – Managing the Needs of Children with Medical Conditions in Schools: Individual Healthcare Plans and Wellbeing 

This training will include advice and guidance for schools around the statutory guidance, working with Individual Healthcare Plans, medical needs and psychological wellbeing, identifying barriers and problem solving and details on what the Medical Needs in Schools project can offer schools.

Thursday 09/07/20
Time 09.00-13.00
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2. Shielding Webinar – Supporting Children who are Shielding (or in a Shielding Family)

Children who are impacted by shielding or who have health conditions which place them in higher risk categories during the COVID-19 pandemic have unique psychological needs as the pandemic restrictions begin to ease. Ensuring their psychological wellbeing is as supported as possible requires an understanding of how children are coping generally during the pandemic, in addition to the specific challenges this cohort face.

This webinar will present the latest information on the psychological needs of children during this phase of the pandemic, and consider how education professionals can support these children as return on site to school begins and the summer holiday approaches.

There are two date options for this webinar. Please choose a convenient date from the options below.

Dr Helen Griffiths, Consultant Clinical Psychologist MNIS & OUH. James Shryane, Assistant Headteacher OHS & MNIS

Friday 03/07/20
Time 10.00-11.00
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Tuesday 21/07/20
Time 14.00-15.00

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MNIS Activity Log

Date Event
21/07/20 Shielding Webinar
09/07/20 Condensed Training (Days 1 & 2)
03/07/20 Shielding Webinar
28/01/20 Half-day Training (Day 1)
26/11/19 Half-day Training (Day 1)
06/11/19 National Conference
29/04/19 Repeat training (days 1 & 2)
29/11/18 National Conference
10/07/18 Day 3 Training
26/04/18 Day 2 Training
01/02/18 Day 1 Training
30/11/17 Launch Event