From Covid-19 back to the classroom

From Covid-19 back to the classroom
A toolkit for meeting the emotional challenge

Some schools will have found that they have got closer to their communities through this crisis and are looking forward to building on these stronger relationships in the future. Some families however will have found the crisis very difficult and will be daunted by the prospect of managing their own and their child’s emotions when schools return.

The challenge is clear and what is also clear is that professionals working with children and young people have an incredibly wide range of skills that can support this. By working together, the outcomes will be significantly more positive. People are naturally curious but curiosity is fragile. As human beings, we want to know more about things but can be easily put off if the initial approach is wrong; good planning is crucial.

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Introduction & Impact of the pandemic

Building school knowledge

The Recovery Curriculum

Providing support

Identifying pupils

Individual programmes of support

Screening questions

These short training clips by Dr Helen Griffiths, Consultant Psychologist at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust were made as part of a series for the Oxfordshire Hospital School’s Medical Needs in Schools project.

Talking to Children about Illness

Looking After Yourself

Supporting Children Who Are Shielding

(Or in a Shielding Family)​