MNIS Conference 2018

Welcome and Introduction

Mr Steve Lowe, Headteacher, Oxfordshire Hospital School (OHS)

A brief introduction to the Medical Needs Inreach Project (MNIP). Steve explains how and why the project is supporting schools and puts this into the national context.

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The Medical Needs Inreach Project (MNIP): What is it and what have we learnt?

Dr Helen Griffiths and Dr Dimitri Gavriloff, Clinical Psychologists, Children’s Psychological Medicine, Oxford Children’s Hospital

A detailed look at the project from the clinical perspective. Helen & Dimitri take a closer look at what has happened so far with the project, what has been learned and how the evidence gathered will influence future directions of support for schools and pupils.

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Keynote – Evidence Based Interventions in SchoolsProf Mina Fazel, Associate

Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford & Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Children’s Psychological Medicine, Oxford Children’s Hospital

Prof Fazel is one of the DfE advisers on mental health policy interventions for schools. Here she provides the background picture of adolescent mental health and why schools have a crucial role to play in providing interventions. She looks at what interventions work best according to the evidence to date.

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Keynote – Persistent Physical Symptoms: Information for Schools

Dr Konrad Jacobs, Children’s Psychological Medicine, Oxford Children’s Hospital & Oxford Centre for Children and Young People in Pain (OXCYPP)

Dr Jacobs provides a fascinating insight into his work and research on children with persistent physical pain (sometimes known as medically unexplained symptoms) and what the implications are for schools who will undoubtedly have pupils on role who suffer pain, whether it is apparent to the schools or not. Crucially Dr Jacobs explains what schools can do to provide the best support for these children and their families to prevent long term damage to the child’s mental health and education.

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Quick-fire presentation 1 – Technology Innovation in the Classroom

Mr James Shryane, Assistant Headteacher, Oxfordshire Hospital School

OHS has worked with a range of new technology recently, and telepresence robots in particular. James provides further information including what has been learned so far about the benefits for pupils and what the future may hold. He also introduces us to a robot.

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Quick-fire presentation 2 – Anxiety Training for Staff in Schools

Mr Matt Gregor, PE/Mental Health & Wellbeing Lead, Bladon Primary School

Matt enthusiastically explains how Bladon Primary have tackled pupils’ wellbeing using a whole school approach in conjunction with training from Oxfordshire Youth and CAMHS.

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Quick-fire presentation 3 – Case Studies

Ms Rachael Higgs, SENCo, Carswell Community Primary School

Rachael gives a very personal perspective of what being involved in the MNIP project has meant for her, her school and most importantly, a young pupil with highly complicated medical needs and his family.

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Quick-fire presentation 4 – CAMHS Inreach for Schools

Mr Louis Headley, Participation Lead, CAMHS Inreach for Schools

Louis explains patient participation in the context of working with young people with mental health needs and outlines what CAMHS are doing to facilitate this. He gives practical examples of how various interventions and support groups have worked in an Oxfordshire school. Interesting stuff!

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Quickfire Presentation 5 – Anxiety Resources for Schools Showcase

Ms Jackie Wheatley, OHS Teacher

Jackie introduces the anxiety toolkit developed by the MNIP project to help schools with pupils with high anxiety.

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Anxiety Toolkit

Effective Use of Individual Healthcare Plans – Real Life Examples

Dr Helen Griffiths, Clinical Psychologist, Children’s Psychological Medicine, Oxford Children’s Hospital

A very practical look at how best to use IHP’s – when they are best used and how to use them creatively for the most impact. In her talk, Helen gives real life examples from her clinical perspective – very interesting for schools.

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Keynote – Charlie’s remarkable story

Charlie Fogarty, MBE

Remarkable is barely a strong enough word for Charlie and his story of resilience. Charlie was on the verge of becoming a professional footballer when he suffered an acquired brain injury. The prognosis was not good, but what Charlie did next can inspire us all to “never give up”. Remarkable indeed.

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MNIP Going Forward and Closing remarks

Mr Steve Lowe, Headteacher, Oxfordshire Hospital School (OHS)

Steve closes the conference by summarising the vision for the project going forward.

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