Letter to Parents/Carers, Families, Pupils and OHS Partners

Mar 8, 2018

6 March 2018

Dear Parents/Carers, Families, Pupils and OHS Partners

I am writing to tell you that, after careful consideration, I have decided to leave my position as head
teacher of the Oxfordshire Hospital School at the end of our summer term in August 2018. In
September I will take up a new role leading a Multi Academy Trust in Ipswich.

In my time at the OHS I have had the privilege to lead one of the most accomplished and
inspirational teaching organisations that this crucially important area of education has to offer, and
my decision to leave has not been an easy one.

I am leaving the OHS in the knowledge that this is an extremely strong and secure teaching
organisation whose deep-rooted culture of continual self-improvement and personal accountability
will ensure it continues to excel as an outstanding provider of hospital education.

The last eighteen months have been an important transformational time for the OHS in which we
have made phenomenal achievements as a whole-school team. Together, we have established a
secure framework of decision-making and rhythms of working that have brought enduring strength
and stability. These are now fundamental to the day-to-day running of the school and make our
organisation unshakable at this time of change.

Alongside our team of exceptionally talented teaching and support staff, we have also put in place a
experienced governing body of professionals led by chair of governors, former head teacher and
education consultant Julie Tridgell. The role of the governing body is to provide accountability,
challenge, clarity of decision-making and strategic vision, and in light of my departure its role will be
a crucial source of consistency and direction as the school welcomes a new head teacher.

I would like to take this opportunity to assure you of my enduring commitment to the OHS
throughout my final months here and as we prepare for a smooth and successful transition of

Yours faithfully

Angela Ransby
Head Teacher
Oxfordshire Hospital School