Pupil Voice – What do our pupils say about the Oxfordshire Hospital School?

Oct 7, 2019

“The Outreach service helped me get a new confidence to go into school.”

“The teaching strategies are exceptional.”

“Having education through Hospital School genuinely changed my life. After starting, I felt instantly happier and more confident, which in turn prompted me wanting to get better.”

“I could not have sat my GCSEs without all the help and support provided by Hospital School and am incredibly thankful that I received it in the year leading up to my GCSEs.”

“The teachers have all been wonderful and supportive. I am now hopeful for the future, whereas before accessing Hospital School I felt unsure about my prospects. Thank you to everyone who has supported me.”

“The experience was amazing and gave me confidence to continue with my education.”

“I felt very safe and able to talk openly with my tutors.”

“I loved the school. It helped me focus on something else other than my cancer.”“Having a timetable, I found very helpful because it structured my days as a patient.”

“I felt the range of activities on offer were very good.”

“I really enjoyed my time at the Hospital School.”

“Over all the weeks I’ve been taught here I’ve enjoyed every lesson. Every time you come into the classroom you feel welcomed.”

“I enjoyed my lessons very much. I was encouraged to do my best every time.“

“I felt really supported and helped.”

“Epic! Awesome!”